HoF is a very popular brand of hair stylists, which means that the waiting queues at the shop are usually very long. That was a source of pride for them but looking into things a bit deeper revealed how there was a significant number of people walking away from the queues, preferring not to wait. To avoid, losing the business, Fade needed a fast method to book appointments. Phones were not exactly going to cut it because of easily queues could build up over there as well.

The app’s deployment smoothened operations considerably, their abort rate for appointments dropped by almost 60% and the revenues increased significantly as well. The time saving meant that House of Fade can now invest in a lot of areas pertaining to their business, that were otherwise spent in managing physical queues.


The Wildcat Recreation Center is here to meet your fitness, recreation and fun goals. Their main goal was retention and reach across the digital medium to create a connected community dedicated to healthy exertion and fitness. The app was the main tool that was devised to increase not just the connectivity between members and prospective members, but also to give more features to smartphone users who are using their gym.

Because the users hail from multiple backgrounds, we thought it optimum to include better language accessibility for them and combined it with more tracking features for each user. The result is an integrated fitness app that serves as a good social media app for fitness junkies and those who like a good fun time.

Jungle Jim's

Released in 2015, Jungle Jim is our panache output for a clever hybrid between restaurant and tourism. Jungle Jim is a happening eatery with an even more happening range of drinks to choose from. Their business was widely popular once people reached the locality but what our growth hackers suggested for Jim was a solid Appstore product that could bring even more people strolling to their bar. The potential was evident because of the traffic stats as well as revenue stats that were increasing by 60% and 65% respectively.

These stats were independent of the app marketing which is another tool they can apply to increase their business. Because the hybrid included tourism, language support and easy access was an absolute must for this and we applied it.


KFC's requirements were very location centered and thus required more meticulous planning. How do you make the menu of such a recognized franchise more engaging? Do we focus solely on more loyalty for locals or do you offer discounts on deals that are popular. KFC wanted to make ordering system, as well as the reservation system more convenient for those who are within the vicinity so that’s where our efforts were concentrated.

The launch was successful as it gave them better means of prioritizing orders which means there was less wastage and less number of angry calls from customers. So from a management perspective, it gave KFC’s branches more pull on how they can engage with customers and diners.

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